No job is complete until delivered to its final destination, on time and as anticipated.

247's fulfillment service is targeted at providing fast, accurate kitting / packing, strong inventory control management and execution excellence to many of our clients for their in-store / in-market POS needs.

Operating out of out of a separate 200,000 sq.ft. facility, provides ample space for storage and includes a 40,000 sq. ft dedicated area for assembly and kitting. We have dedicated racking section for POP replenishment items; each POP item identified & stored with its location and item ID.

Fulfillment is closely aligned to our Web2Print services creating an efficient end-to-end, closed loop workflow.

Kitting and Packing
Kitting and packing is a lot more complex than putting pieces in a package. It requires meticulous attention to detail to ensure the right products go in the right package and gets to the right person - on time. Detailed labelling and stringent quality control are fundamental.

We actively track all direct shipments, and update our customers on shipment issues.

Experience shipping to locations in Canada and the USA including tracking mechanism for shipping that includes automatic proof of delivery.

Storage and POP Replenishment
Ability to warehouse POP and provide distribution as needed. We have a defined inventory management system with scheduled frequency of manual counts.

Call Centre
We provide customer support on behalf of clients for franchise and/or dealer locations, including the provision of dedicated 1-800 Hotlines with bilingual capability to respond to franchise issues directly.


Track a Package
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